How he cons people

Standard Operandi:
He will give you the brotherly, we are best friends talk. To substantiate that, he would bring along  a group of willing and unwilling cronies to con you. We were told these include people like  ( Click on the link to get their details )

Richard Ding
Nicky Teo
Johnny Voon
Mr Mok

His Support Crew

These supporting people have a characteristics.. They are quiet in the meeting. They will be sipping their tea or doing absolutely nothing, but smile at you! Glenn will occasionally talk about them and how much Glenn made for them or with them and how long his friendship is with them.

Your first impression of him will melt away as these people look really honest down to earth. They dun talk much, smile and dress really modestly. But do not let that fool you. They are also part of the act, some of these people are downright crooks like him, others are in shock like yourself.

The whole purpose is to let your guard down.


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