Goh Hock Kee 吴福基, Glenn Goh’s Father

Goh Hock Kee 吴福基

We got a new piece of Information about Glenn. This time is his father. We have where he works and how he looks like!
What a chip off the old block. One of the victims said that some of us has deposited into his father’s personal bank account. We cannot verify or disprove this but here is his information

Name : Goh Hock Kee
Chinese Name: 吴福基
Occupation: TCM Physician
Registration Number:  T0101379Z
Mobile Number: 9338 9791
Home Address: 644 Yishun Street 61, #12-314, Singapore 760644
Company: Perfect Acupuncture And Tui Na Therapy
Work Address : 101 UPPER CROSS STREET PEOPLE’S PARK CENTRE #03 – 37 Singapore 058357, Singapore

2 thoughts on “Goh Hock Kee 吴福基, Glenn Goh’s Father”

  1. Goh Hock Kee used to be an ex-colleague who was working in PSA.

    Is there really a need to victimize him for his son’s mistakes?

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