Glenn Goh Cheng Ze

Glenn Goh Details

Name: Glenn Goh Cheng Ze
Han Yu Pin Yin Name: Wu Cheng Ze
Chinese Name:  吴承澤
NRIC: S8810135I
Mobile Numbers: +65 87816534 / +65 94886534 / +65 90073043
Last Known Passport Number: E4658990B
Date of Birth: 1 April 1988
Nationality: Singaporean
Last Known Home Address: 
644 Yishun Street 61, #12-31, Singapore 760644
Marital Status : Single ( he claims to be engaged because there are potential investors who may check him out on facebook as a result he sets the status to engaged )

His Favourite Victims:
Honest, hardworking individuals who have cash.

Standard Operandi:
He will give you the brotherly, we are best friends talk. To substantiate that, he would bring along  a group of willing and unwilling cronies to con you. We were told these include people like  ( Click on the link to get their details )
Richard Ding
Nicky Teo
Johnny Voon
Mr Mok

Some of these like Dunstan and Richard Ding are willing accomplices who are there to vouch for his character and when things turn sour they will tell you that they are just like you also victim, or they are also waiting.

Then there are accomplices who are sympathisers who tell you he is good natured.



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  1. Glenn Goh hasn’t been paying his lawyer Nichol Yeo of JLC Advisors and his boss Desmond Ong doesn’t know about Glenn’s reputation or that he hasn’t been paying. If he does, I’m sure he will order Nichol not to represent Glenn any longer. You should contact Mr. Ong.

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