Victim 4: Death Threats -Grenade!

We are sad to hear more more cases.  Victim 4 is the latest in the lot

  1. He made her the director of the company.
  2. Till today she is unable to be released from the directorship.
  3. He also made her buy a factory in Thailand, which till today has gotten her into debt that she should not have engaged in.
  4. While she has written in email to ask to be removed, Glenn refuses to take any action to release her.
  5. As she went on to ask Johnny,  Johnny related the story back to Glenn, and Glenn sent down death threats to throw her grenades.
  6. According to Glenn, Glenn is keeping Johnny Afloat? Hmm what does that mean?


Victim 3: Amount $25000

Glenn Goh Cheng Ze conned Victim 3. As Victim 1 did not want to further invest in Glenn Goh as he had not returned the original $28,500 invested thus far, he put out the word to his friends that someone is looking for investment money. One of the friends, Victim 3, decided that the investment was interesting and would like to participate. Glenn promised to return it by April 2016 with a 5% per month daily compounding interest.

Till date nothing has been returned! Glenn refuse to return all calls and messages.

Below is the bank in slip.

Very Clearly you can see a pattern of pathological lying and scheming to con people.

Victim 1: Repeated Taunting and Abuse to the victim

Glenn Goh conned many people. We believe it has crossed 2 million dollars. This is the first person who came forward. To help better understand the extent of the situation, let us present to you victim1. He came forward to us and laid out a lot of details regarding his case.

Glenn Goh Cheng ZeAccording to Mr Victim 1, there is a total of 5 cases that happened.

  1. Filming of PAP Candidate
  2. Purchase of Phone
  3. $5000 investment into GRA
  4. $28500 investment as a loan to Glenn’s company
  5. $87500 to get Glenn out of trouble

Incident 1 – Filming of PAP candidate

Victim 1 approached Glenn Goh to ask for sponsorship to help with getting filming done for a website that was really famous during the elections called He needed the sponsorship to film all the parties. Glenn gladly accepted, and asked him to help film Nee Soon candidate Lee Bee Wah
Louis Ng closer. Victim 1 agreed. After the elections were over, Victim 1 approached Glenn to ask for payment. Glenn Goh claimed that he could not pay from his company, had to write a letter giving him a token of appreciation then he could write the payment. That was done and till date after all the chasing, no payment was made.

Incident 2 –  iPhone 5S

After the elections, the phones that were used to film the elections were of no further value and Victim 1 also asked Glenn Goh if he wanted to purchase them. He wrote to Glenn Goh an invoice to which till date Glenn has yet to pay up. Glenn Goh said need to change it into a sponsorship letter then he can pay out. Glenn Goh created lots of different delay tactics so he could get the phone and never have to pay for anything.

The other 3 cases are all related and it involved a large sum of money which even included threats to kill someone who wanted to help recover this money.

Which leads to Victim 2 – At this stage this victim is not ready to come forward with her story.