Reward of $500,000 leading to his ARREST and CONVICTION and recovery of the money he stole

If anyone has information that will show that  Glenn Goh Cheng Ze did the following after 2016, and you have proof that can lead to his arrest, there is a reward for you

  1. Bank Account that is OUTSIDE SINGAPORE
  2. Living Extravagently
    1. Drives an expensive car
    2. Having an expensive dinner
    3. Drinking Cordon Bleu
  3. Has property like a house under his name any where Singapore
  4. Transferred money to other people’s accounts
  5. If you are one of the creditors and have not filed and have proof that he owes you money

The information provided will be kept strictly confidential. If this can lead to his arrest and conviction, we will give you a big reward!

Once information is provided, we will contact you and even meet up with you to confirm the information.

Once he is arrested and convicted, the reward will be banked into your account

Information about Glenn Goh
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