Sympathizer and Potential Accomplice: BK Kattanyakit

BK Kattanyakit: She is a Thai business woman, who studied in the University of Thailand. She went to กำแพงเพชรพิทยาคม and lives in Hua Hin. There was news that Glenn Goh was moving cash outside of Singapore. Perhaps with this lady?

She also stood up or Glenn, claiming that she can confirm all the things said on this site is fake? Really. We must be outright liars when we put up the Singapore Emblem. We are the ones who blatantly flout the law.

We are the scammer who used his name to cheat others. For the record, we are warning others not to be cheated.

She CONFIRMS the stories are fake. We will see you in court to PROVE that he is the fake together with you.
Below is her FB profile page saved on 31 March 2017. Here is her profile Link

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