Sympathiser and POTENTIAL ACCOMPLICE: Mr Moh

A constant name that keeps coming up is this person Mr Moh. According to source, Mr Moh is his primary school playmate. Some say he was once a client that engaged Glenn Goh as his MC and even that Glenn Goh screwed up.  Why would someone who screws you up badly you want to keep showing up.

Mr Moh does not talk much during the meetings he is called into. He will smile at you, make brief contact but stay through out the meeting.

He like other sympathizers and potential alleged accomplices are the people that make Glenn Goh credible. Here is how it works. When you first meet up with Glenn Goh, you will find him loud, animated and borderline ridiculous. But when you meet his partners and old friends, YOU WILL LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, because these people are the people like yourself, simple quiet and honest looking people.

That is how he lures you to open your wallet for incredible amounts. Be Careful

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